Best Lamp Stand for Grow Light Bulds(3 head)

Do you have these troubles?

There isn’t bracket above the plant to hang the light bulb!

The light bulb is too far away from the plant ,can’t to adjust the appropriate angle and distance!

The Clamp lamp light is Unstable,and will damage the furniture!

The purchased lamp stand have one E26 socket only!


CUMFYHOUS Lamp Stand for Grow Light Bulds can solve all the above troubles.

Stable and durable tripod stand can be adjusted from 15″ to 60″, suitable for more different size indoor plants.The three-Head 16″ high quality hose can rotate the bulb 360 degrees, so that the lighting can be adjusted to a appropriate angle. Each branch socket rated for up to a 60 watt bulb,Perfectly compatible with LED grow light bulbs such as A19 BR20 BR25 BR30 PAR20 PAR30 etc.You can choose suitable growth bulbs for your plants, if the bulbs are dead, replaceable growing bulbs.There is a switch button on E26 bakelite socket, and each bulb can be turned on and off independently.

It can be moved easily, suitable for plants of different sizes indoors or on balconies, and can also be used as a lamp in your room, garages or art studios, a work light in photography and workshops.

Lamp -floor -stand-for-grow-light-bulbs
lamp stand for grow lights

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